Colombia Finca Santa Elena Filter 250gm

6 KD

Micro Lot

Process: Natural process where coffee is harvested at the sweetness level of 20 Brix.

Region: Cuidad Bolivar, Antioquia

Farmer: Paula Concha

Farm: Santa Elena

Taste Notes: Sweet Vanilla, Aroma, Strawberry jam, Sugar cane, Hints of tamarind, Medium body and acidity

Altitute:  1400m - 1600m

Weight: 250gm


Ciudad Bolívar is one of the most representative towns of Paisa culture. Located in the southwest border of Antioquia and surrounded by rain forest over the mountains. It is also denominated the epicenter of coffee in Antioquia as more than the 30% of the coffee from this state originates here. 

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