Stockroom Coffee

Little Collins Espresso 250gm

5 KD


Great with Milk

Named after a laneway (street) in Melbourne CBD where we fell in love with Flat-white!

Region: Brazil, Colombia

Taste Notes (with milk): White Chocolate, Raw Almond, Sweet Honey long lasting after taste!

Net Weight: 250gm

Whole Beans بن غير مطحون
Ground for Espresso طحنة اسبرسو
Ground for Filter Machine طحنة لمكينة الترشيح
Ground for V60/Chemex طحنة في 60 و اداة الكيميكس
Ground for FrenchPress طحنة الفرنش برس
Ground for Aeropress/Delter press طحنة الايرو-برس

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