Puly Caff green cleaner sachets 10 doses x 3.5g

0.750 KD
Use these cleaning sachets for:
  • Cleaning the filter holder
  • Cleaning the filter baskets
  • Cleaning the shower screen
  • Cleaning the group heads  Use with a group head blind filter  (if you have a machine with a solenoid.)

- Puly Caff made in Italy,
- The most advanced espresso machine cleaner in the world.

How it works:
Cleaning detergent expands under pressure, cleans all contact surfaces, and release its full cleaning power faster than any other espresso cleaner.
Puly Caff foams on contact with water, rinses quickly and leaves behind no residue or aftertaste. When the foam is gone so is the Puly Caff.

10 doses x 3.5g pulycaff cleaning sachets in a clear poly bag

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