StockRoom x Rapture Bag and coffee Limit Release

16 KD
Whole Coffee Beans with a Cross Carry on Bag
Allow Two Business Days for Delivery!
Here comes the 2nd batch of our limited release panama coffee. This time, the coffee comes with a cross carrying bag made out of StockRoom original packaging and Rapture limited strap.
This bag is a statement of sustainable streetwear!
About the coffee:
Whole Bean Only
Filter 250 grams
Producer Name: JANSON family                                    
Crop Year: 2020
Variety: Pacamara 
Process: Natural extended fermentation for 96 hours and then dried.
Drying method: Sun dried on Patio for 9 days
Elevation: 1,350 meters
Growing Region: Volcan, Panama High Lands 
Fragrance : Mango /passion Fruit / Sweet Chocolate 
Aroma : Ripe Mango , Grape , Floral ( Jasmine )
Flavor : Mango , pineapple , Red apple , Blackberry .
Acidity : smooth and bring high sweetness 
Medium body

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