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Synesso's S200 is a low-profile volumetric machine designed to be a true workhorse, with barista-friendly features like ambidextrous steam wands, shifter-style paddle groups, and more.

The S200 packs quite a lot of power and consistency into its small frame, and naturally carries Synesso's reputation for temperature stability and reliability. Each group uses an electronic paddle control with two programmable volumetric settings - initiated by shifting the paddle left or right. A purge function is also available using the arcade-style button on the panel just behind the group head, so you can quickly flush the group and rinse your portafilter. 

  • Individual Brew Boilers 
  • Programmable Temperature Per Group Head 
  • Group Heads With No Wear Parts 
  • Programmable Pre-Infusion Capability 
  • Removable Heat Exchangers 
  • Cool Touch Steam Wands 
  • Ergonomic Lever-Actuated Steam Handles 
  • Synesso Exclusive Stainless Steel Steam Tips 
  • Auto Back Flush Setting 
  • Safari Rack 
  • Water Resistant Cup Warming Tray

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